Over time, we have all become avid consumers of information. Yet that information is increasingly fragmented and partisan, based on isolated effort instead of consensus. As we look to the future of information production, how can we build solutions that incentivize people to learn from each other, to understand the full complexity and nuance behind an issue instead of just their own perspective?

For the past two decades, Wikipedia has been helping humans and machines process the entire spectrum of information, from lengthy research and graduate level dissertations at one end to soundbites and trivia questions dictated to voice assistants at the other. We can provide a valuable model for how technology can help the next generation of knowledge-seekers decode, decipher and analyze information. This talk will focus on knowledge in the next evolution of the internet, and how we must enable not just more access to information, but also critical thinking at global scale.



Berlin Buzzwords
08.06.2020 16:40 – 17:20