More and more search teams in the e-commerce space want to own their search: they want to understand how exactly the retrieval works and optimise it according to their specific needs, both from the user and from the seller perspective. Implementing search using open source search engines, such as Solr and Elasticsearch, seems like a perfect match.

Unfortunately, the open source solutions out of the box aren’t anywhere near reaching parity with a commercial solution, especially when it comes to optimizing search relevance and managing individual queries as a merchandiser.

In this session we will introduce an initiative to combine open source tools and libraries like Querqy (query rewriting, for Solr and Elasticsearch), SMUI (search management), Quepid and RRE (search relevance assessment and tuning) into a project template to accelerate the development of your own e-commerce search, allowing you to shift from setting up basic search functionality to domain specific optimisations a lot faster. 

Join the creators and maintainers of these open source tools to discuss how we can build a powerful and freely available platform for testing and tuning e-commerce search.

This session does not require separate registration - your standard conference ticket will get you in. 


10.06.2020 19:30 – 21:30