FOSS Responders funding granted!

FOSS responders was founded as a crowd-sourced project to help those in the open source community affected by corona virus. We are thrilled to have been selected alongside such big names as:

  • The Tor Project

  • Drupal Association

  • Apache Software Foundation

  • Python Software Foundation

  • GNOME Foundation

  • Open Source Matters, Inc.

  • Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)

  • Free Software Foundation


It was a pleasure to attend the FOSS responders online-event UPLIFT! on Friday, May 22nd where we meet organizers and representatives from other projects and people from various FOSS communities and projects. The collaborative spirit was truly inspiring and showed once more the power of collaboration within the wider FOSS community.

Some of the organizations that have partnered with, or who have donated to the FOSS Responders funds are:

The Apache Software Foundation, Aspiration, Code Fund, Digital Ocean, Drupal Asscociaton, Ethereum Foundation, Facebook, Gitcoin, GitHub, GitLab, indeed,, Open Collective, Open Source Collective, Open Source Initative, Python Software Foundation, RedHat, SalesForce, Sentry, Storj

Find out more about the initiative, how you can support them, and how your project can apply for help at