Registration for online event now available!

ticket policy

Berlin Buzzwords moves into new and exciting territory as we go virtual in 2020! We were very excited to announce last week that we have teamed up with Haystack the search relevance conference, and MICES the e-commerce search event to host a week of virtual talks, panel discussions, workshops and training sessions covering themes of search, scale, store and stream!

For only 49€ you get access to all talks from MICES, Haystack and Berlin Buzzwords. Furthermore you can be part of the “hallway track”, where you can meet other attendees and speakers online, exchange ideas and network. An overview of the deep-dive workshops, training sessions and tutorials that we will also be hosting will be available soon. Please note that places for some of these workshops are limited, and there is an additional fee for registering.

What happens if I have already bought a ticket for the on site Berlin Buzzwords?

If you have already purchased a ticket for Berlin Buzzwords it will be valid for the online event taking place from June 7-12, 2020. We are also planning a number of special workshops and training sessions that your ticket will give you free access to. We will inform everyone when the schedule comes out and you can register for these workshops.

Ticket holders for the originally planned on site version of Berlin Buzzwords 2020 will also receive a 50% discount when you buy a ticket for Berlin Buzzwords 2021.

We have emailed all ticket holders with the details of our cancellation policy. For any additional questions please have a look at our FAQs or send an email to

Why we are charging money for a virtual event

As a small company organizing community events in Berlin, Plain Schwarz has been particularly affected by the restrictions put in place in response to COVID-19. While there are no venue or catering costs for Berlin Buzzwords this year, there are costs associated with bringing the event online. We also need to pay salaries and admin costs to keep the company alive so we can bring you more events in the future. It’s for these reasons that we have decided to charge for the digital Berlin Buzzwords. We hope you understand the difficult position we are currently in, and hope that you feel able to support us financially during this time, so that we can continue to support the community in the future.